This is my design for our new garden chair project. The chair has to be one piece, injection mouldable, sized for an adult, able to hold 200kg and stackable. I want to achieve all of these things as well as create something more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than a typical monobloc chair for a similar price.

A bicycle taxi featuring monobloc chair in Tulum, Mexico



Here is one of my holiday projects. I took my bland desk chair, a $15 Frosta stool (an Alvar Aalto copy) from Ikea and combined them together to form my new, slightly better looking chair!

The base and wheels still need some work to better balance with the rest of the chair, but it’s definitely an improvement.

Here is a Solidworks render of the extended range of the Leafy family. New additions include a weed puller that looks a bit like a slug and a hoe. They still need a little tweaking and refining but stay tuned for their official release soon…


Here are my final airbrushed layout pages for the urban gardener project, ready to launch into the big wide world of horticulture. There are three tools; a trowel, fork and rake. All the tools are one-piece fiberglass reinforced polyamide to make them strong and pretty.

Here are a few pages of my chosen concepts for the urban gardener project… also check my new branding in the corners.

Here’s my preliminary model of a trowel concept for the urban gardener project – Leafy.


My thumbnails for our latest project: tools for the urban gardener…

It’s not an homage to the Enya smash hit… it’s my final design for an Oral B adults electric toothbrush.

Nessy is my final design for an Oral B motorised childrens toothbrush. When he’s not brushing teeth his head flips down to reveal his bristly smile.

Harry Lumley’s attempted ‘Pingu’ model experiences beak issues.